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    Hypothesis Testing

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    one-sample hypothesis test using Megastat.

    The mean arrival rate of flights at O'Hare Airport in marginal weather is 195 flights per hour. To increase arrivals, a new air traffic control procedure is implemented. In the next 30 days of marginal weather the following arrival rates were obtained

    210, 215, 200, 189, 200, 213, 202, 181, 197, 199, 193, 209,2 15, 192, 179, 196, 225, 199, 196, 210 ,199, 188, 174, 176, 202, 195, 195, 208, 222, 221

    Carry out the test and make the decision.

    Megastat Procedure:
    Copy and paste your data into Excel in a single column. I am assuming that you have Megastat ADD-IN added to your Excel. If so, select add-in, then Megastat, then Hypothesis Test, then Mean vs. Hypothesized value. An entry box is opened.
    Make sure input data is checked but not summary information.
    For input range scroll your excel data
    For hypothesized mean enter 195
    For Alternative, select greater than
    At the bottom make sure that z-test is checked
    Make sure to uncheck Display
    Set up a right-tailed decision rule at ? =0.025
    My results are:
    195.000 hypothesized value
    200.000 mean Data
    13.194 std. dev.
    2.409 std. error
    30 n

    2.08 z
    .0190 p-value (one-tailed, upper)

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