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    Question 1

    The New York study indicated that the average number of beds in the sampled data was 215. It is known that the average number of beds in the population of interest is 136. Test using a two tailed hypothesis. Test the hypothesis that the mean of 215 is statistically equal to 136. That is, any difference can be explained by sampling variation.

    221 Use your sample standard deviation in computing the
    240 standard deviation
    215 6
    216 0
    215 25

    a. What is the sample standard deviation

    b. What is the standard error of the measurement of the mean

    c. State the null hypothesis

    d. State the alternative hypothesis

    e. State the confidence level and significance level

    f. Compute the z score

    g. Determine the critical value of the z score (where the z score needs to be at the confidence level you chose.

    h. Draw a picture of where you computed z score is relative to the critical value

    i. Make a decision to reject or accept the null hypothesis

    j. Can the difference between the sample and the known population mean be explained by sampling variation at the confidence level selected

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