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Level of Measurement, parametric or non-parametric

For the following questions, identify the level of measurement and whether the method to be used for the problem would parametric (P) or non-parametric (NP).

Description of Problem
a. From a written survey where the respondents were asked to rate an individual on a scale of 1 to 5, one group rated an individual a 3.7, another group rated the individual a 4.3. Is the difference statistically significant?
b. A comparison of salaries between male and female employees in the same organization.
c. A catering company is buying equipment in order to set up their own store. They have a choice of two ovens that they can purchase for the store. The used oven is $100 less than the new oven, but its heating calibration is off by 20 degrees. Which one is a better buy for them?
d. Mel's Diner has been surveying their customers for the past couple of years about their dining experience in the restaurant. The survey uses a scale of one to five, five being best to indicate customer satisfaction. Mel's customer satisfaction averaged 2.5 last year, but this year it is 2.9. Is this difference statistically significant?


Solution Summary

For the problems given the level of measurement - nominal,ordinal, interval ratio is identified. Also whether parametric or non-parametric method would be used for the problem is identified.