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A research study with an example of a non-parametric test

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In general, when the dependent variable is neither interval nor ratio in level of measurement -- i.e., is not numeric -- a nonparametric statistical test is required to test the null hypothesis. Find a recent article in a peer-reviewed journal that reports an empirical research study in which a nonparametric test was used to test the hypothesis.

Describe the research question being addressed, and identify the level of measurement of the dependent variable and the nonparametric test used. What were the independent variable(s) and their level(s) of measurement?

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I chose the following paper to outline some example ideas for you to include in your answer:

Leaf dipping as an environmental screening measure to test chemical efficacy against Bemisia tabaci on poinsettia plants (International Journal of Environment Science and Technology).

It can be found at this link:


Please feel free to select a paper that is specific to your research interests or the topics of this particular class.

The research question for this particular study involved testing various pest ...

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A discussion related to a peer reviewed article involving a non-parametric method of data analysis. The discussion includes information pertaining to independent and dependent variables, levels of measurement and the non-parametric test. Article used for this posting was "Leaf dipping as an environmental screening measure to test chemical efficacy against Bemisia tabaci on poinsettia plants" from the International Journal of Environment Science and Technology.

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