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    Important information about Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

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    The value of the z-score that is obtained for a hypothesis test is influenced by several factors. Some factors influence the size of the numerator of the z -score and other factors influence the size of the standard error in the denominator. For each of the following, indicate whether the factor influences the numerator or denominator of the z-score and determine whether the effect would be to increase the value of z (father from zero) or decrease the value of z (closer from zero), in each case, assume that all other components of the z-score remain constant.

    a- Increase the sample size.
    b- Increase the population and standard deviation.
    c- Increase the difference between the sample mean and the value of u specified in the null hypothesis.

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    For z- test, the z- score is computed using the formula z = (x-bar – )/SE
    Here, x-bar = sample mean,  = Population mean or the hypothetical mean (against which the sample mean is being compared) and SE = standard error of the mean
    But SE = s/Ön, where s = standard ...

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    Hypothesis testing is discussed. The sample size, standard deviation and sample mean is discussed.