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Reflection Project Undertaken

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Discuss a recent research project undertaken in the last 3 to 5 years. What type of analysis was conducted? What decisions were made?

How can you apply hypothesis testing at your place of work or another similar setting? Can you identify a situation within your workplace or community where hypothesis testing could be used?


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A reflection project undertaken is examined. How to apply hypothesis testing at your place of work or another similar setting is determined.

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Analysis of a Recent Research Project:

Researches are conducted in diverse fields and contexts for specific purposes. The selected recent research for analysis will be the 'Indiana 21st century workplace skills initiative evaluation design and implementation'. The purpose for undertaking the research was to evaluate the workforce development skills initiative of the 21st century. It was conducted by the staff members of the institute. The type of analysis that was undertaken was the survey research that looked into the following areas; site visiting and participant surveys, quantitative analysis from the ...

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