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    Hypothesis Testing for Kannon Camera's claims

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    Kannon Camera has developed a new camera that it claims can take an average of more than 10 photographs per second. You decide to evaluate the company's claim. In summary, in this problem you are given:

    x = 10.5 (This is a x with - above it)
    Ï? = .52
    n = 16
    ? = .10

    From part 1 of 5 you found that the kind of problem is a hypothesis test of the population mean; with the population sigma known; requiring the use of a standard normal distribution ; with a right tail test.

    In addition, from part 2 of 5 you found the null and alternative hypotheses to be:

    Null Hypothesis: Population Mean â?¤ 10
    Alternative Hypothesis: Population Mean > 10

    The third step is to find the critical value and the value of the test statistic, compare the test statistic to the critical value, and make a decision and interpret it in terms of the problem.

    Choose the appropriate values: Please answer all of the questions:

    Critical Value =

    Test Statistic =

    Round your final answers to two decimal places.

    What is the relation between the Critical Value and Test Statistic?

    The test statistic is not greater than the critical value
    The test statistic is greater than the critical value


    We can reject the null hypothesis and we can accept the alternative hypothesis
    We cannot reject tje null hypothesis and we cannot accept the alternative hypothesis

    At alpha (?) =

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