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Hypothesis Testing: Population Type, Relation, Value

Kannon Camera has developed a new camera that it claims can take an average of more than 10 photographs per second. You decide to evaluate the company's claim. A sample of 16 cameras was used; they were tested and found to have a mean number of photographs per second of 10.50. Previous tests of cameras of this type revealed that the population sigma is equal to 0.52. For your analysis, assume you have decided to use an alpha of 0.10.

In summary, in this problem you are given:

X=10.5 (This is a X with a - above it)
Ï? = .52
n = 16
? = .10

Remember that in the previous part of this problem, we concluded the following:

We're testing a claim about the population mean, that it is more than some value, which requires a single, right tail test, and we're given sigma, the population standard deviation, which tells us to use the standard normal distribution.

The second step is to formulate the hypotheses

Select the correct value for each of the following:

Specify the null hypothesis:

Population type



Specify the alternative hypothesis:

Population type



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