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Hypothesis Testing

Assume you are a camera buff. You and your camera club have recently learned that Kannon Camera has developed a new camera that it claims can take an average of more than 10 photographs per second. This is very impressive, but you have learned (from painful experience) to be skeptical of technology claims.

You decide to evaluate the company's claim so you do a little digging around on the Internet. You find that a consumer group has gathered the following data on this camera. A sample of 16 cameras was used; they were tested and found to have a mean number of photographs per second of 10.50. Previous tests of cameras of this type revealed that the population sigma is equal to 0.52. For your analysis, assume you have decided to use an alpha of 0.10.
In summary, in this problem you are given:

Sample Mean =10.5
Population Standard Deviation = 0.52
Sample Size = 16
Significance Level (alpha) = 0.10

The first step is to identify what kind of problem this is. To do this, you need to decide:

Type of variable:

Population Mean or Population Proportion?


Sigma Unknown or Sigma Known?

Type of Distribution:

Standard Normal Distribution or t Distribution?

Number of Tails:

2 or 1?

Type of Tails:

Right Tail, Left Tail, or Both Tails?