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Hypothesis Testing

Vendall leases soft drink vending machines that are designed to dispense 10 ounces of soft drink. Customers complain when machines dispense too much soft drink, causing spillage, and customers also complain when machines dispense too little soft drink. A particular machine is being tested by a random sample of 144 soft drinks. The results are: x = 9.96 oz and, based on historical data on the same model of machine, the population standard deviation Ï? = .36oz.

Conduct a hypothesis test. What is the p-value, and how much evidence is there to conclude that the vending machine needs adjustment, i.e., to reject the null hypothesis Ho: ? = 10 oz. and accept the alternative hypothesis Ha: ? does not equal 10 oz.

Please answer the following questions:

p-value =

The weight of evidence in support of the conclusion that the vending machine needs adjustment is:

Some evidence, strong evidence, very strong evidence, extremely strong evidence, or little evidence

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