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    Hypothesis testing

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    An environmental group claims that the average family produces 2.5 kilograms of organic garbage per day.
    Test this claim by constructing a 95% confidence interval for the mean weight of organic garbage produced by all families in the population.
    For your calculations, assume that a random sample of 16 families showed the mean weight of organic garbage to be 1.9 kilograms with a standard deviation of 0.10 kilograms.
    Do your calculations support or contradict the claim?

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    Null Hypothesis: H0: M=2.5 Kg; Average family produces 2.5 Kg of garbage
    Alternative Hypothesis: H1: M(not equal to)2.5 Kg; Average family does not produce 2.5 Kg of garbage

    This is a two tailed test since we are testing the hypothesis that mean is not equal to 2.5 Kg

    Mean=M= 2.5 Kg
    Standard ...

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    The solution tests the hypothesis that average family produces 2.5 Kg of garbage