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Hypothesis - testing

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I. The Dean of Students is interested in how long students spend commuting to school each day because the administration has been considering building dormitories. Since this college is highly selective and draws students from all the boroughs as well as the surrounding areas. A study was undertaken to see if the travel time is as long as is speculated.

A. Select a random sample of 25 from our college population (NOTE:74 students is the college population which is in EXCEL FILE as an ATTACHMENT ). At the .05 level of significance is there evidence that the average travel time to the school is greater than 45 minutes? (Choose the sample)

B. What assumptions must hold in order to perform the test in (A)?

C. Evaluate the assumption in (B) through a graphical approach. Are the results valid? Discuss.

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Solution Summary

Tests the hypothesis that the average travel time to the school is greater than 45 minutes.

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