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Hypothesis Test

Using the data set below for the Hypothesis Testing Paper, a new hypothesis test (such as large sample size, small sample size, means and/or proportions, one-and two-tailed tests) that can perform on the data below I pulled together. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data and describe the results of the tests and compare the results to the results of the test peformed from my previous Hypothesis test.


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Let rest of the states are denoted by X1 and California by X2:

sum(X1) =8.575+6.095+5.016+4.385+5.255+5.022+6.935+6.275+5.802+4.938 +7.1+7.2+2.523+9.444+4.731+8.095+13.65+8.433+6.76+4.552+5+5.899+7.5 +4.522 = 153.707
d.f. = 23
<X1> = 153.707/24 = 6.404
sum(X1^2) = 1050.74
var(X1) = ...

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