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    Hypothesis test: sample of 100

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    Consider the following hypothesis test:

    HO: µ ≥ 80
    Ha: µ < 80

    A sample of 100 is used and the population standard deviation is 12. Compute the p-value and state your conclusion for each of the following sample results. Use a = .01.

    a) x = 78.5
    b) x = 77
    c) x = 75.5
    d) x = 81

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    The test Statistic is given by Z = (X - u)/(sigma/sqrt(n)) = (X - 80)/(12/sqrt(100))
    Significance level = 0.01
    Decision rule : Reject the null hypothesis if the p value is less than the significance level.
    Z Test of Hypothesis for the Mean

    Null Hypothesis m= 80
    Level of ...

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    This solution provides a step by step method for computing test statistic for one sample t test is given in the answer. The sample size and the population standard deviation and p-value is calculated for various sample means.