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Hypothesis Test

Stonehenge's main ditch was dug in a series of segments. Excavations at the base of the ditch uncovered a number of antlers which bore signs of heavy use. These antlers could have been used by the builders as picks or rakes. The fact that no primary silt was discovered beneath the antlers suggests that they were buried in the ditch shortly after its completion. Another researcher, Phillip Corbin, using an archeological markings approach, had previously claimed that the mean date for the construction of the ditch was 2950 BC. A sample of nine age estimates from unshed antlers excavated from the ditch produced a mean of 3033.1 BC, with standard deviation 66.9 years. Assume that the ages are normally distributed with no obvious outliers. At a significance level, alpha = 0.05 significance level, is there any reason to dispute Corbin's claim?

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