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Hypothesis Test

1. We ask if the attitudes toward fuel cost of 100 owners are hybrid electric cars (X=76) are different from those on a national survey of owners of non-hybrid cars (µ=65, s=24). Higher scores indicate a more positive attitude.

A) Is this a one or two tailed test?
B) In words what is the H0 and Ha?
C) Perform the z-test.
D) What do you conclude about the attitudes here?
E) Report your results in the correct format.

2. We measure the self esteem scores of a sample of statistics students, reasoning that this course may lower their self esteem relative to that of the typical college student (µ=55 and s=11.35) We obtain these scores:

44 55 39 17 27 38 36 24 36

A) Summarize your sample data.
B) Is this a one tailed or two tailed test? Why?
C) What are the H0 and Ha?
D) Compute z-statistic
E) With alpha =0 .05 what is z-critical?
F) What should we conclude about the relationship here?


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