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Gamma, p-values and significance

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We know that the Gamma value=0.298 and the approximate p-value=.000 which is understood p-value<=0.001. So, under a significance level alpha=0.001, we should reject the null hypothesis, ie., there is a significance difference between the groups.

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The solution discusses under a significance level alpha=0.001, if the null hypothesis should be rejected, ie., there is a significance difference between the groups.

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First I will explain to you the basics about hypothesis testing.

The main issue to understand is: does there exist a difference in actions between two groups.

For example: let's say you have a group of men who have to drive through a racing circuit. You want to examine how many errors the men make while they are driving. Then, you also have a group of woman, who drive on the same racing track. You also want to see how many errors the females make when the drive.

Now, it is good to know the number of errors that the males and females make. But it would be even more interesting ...

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