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    1. Please give at least 4 example Hypothesis (and NULL) that should be tested for the attached survey, and explain why?

    Please note the questions on the survey are based upon surrounding the following six factors:

    ***Uncertainty Avoidance
    ***Individualism vs. Collectivism
    ***Power Distance
    ***Masculinity vs. Femininity (Sex Roles)
    ***Consumption Motivation

    2. What type of tables, graphs and descriptive statistics should be included in a presentation and why?

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    The four examples of Hypothesis (and NULL) are:

    H1: The respondents show high uncertainty avoidance;
    H0: the respondents do not show high uncertainty avoidance.
    Uncertainty avoidance has been chosen because questions 1 to 5 on the questionnaire address uncertainty avoidance. For example rules and regulations reduce uncertainty.
    H1: The respondents are individualistic;
    H0: The respondents are not individualistic;
    Individual v. Collective is a dimension being tested. Questions 6 to 11 are based on individualistic v. Collective dimension. For example, managers should encourage group loyalty, employees should pursue the welfare of the group, and being accepted by the members of the group is very important.
    H1: The respondents show power distance:
    H0: The respondents do not show power distance:
    Power distance is one of the ...

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