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Current programmed text method vs computer assisted method

See attached file.

Compare the proposed and current methods of instruction, an entering class of 122 students was assigned randomly to one of the two methods. One group of 61 students used the current programmed-text method and the other group of 61 students used the proposed computer-assisted method. The time in hours was recorded for each student in the study. Attached is the Excel spreadsheet with the times.

Answer to following

1. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the training time data for each method. What similarities or differences do you observe from the sample data?

2. Comment on any difference between the population means for the two methods. Discuss your findings

3. Compute the standard deviation and variance for each training method. Conduct a hypothesis test about the equality of population variances for the two training methods. Discuss your findings

4. What conclusion can you reach about any differences between the two methods? What is your recommendation? Explain

5. Can you suggest other data or testing that might be desirable before making a final decision on the training program to be used in the future?


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