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    Complete table for results of drug to reduce hunger

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    16. A pharmaceutical company has developed a drug that is expected to reduce hunger. To test the drug, three samples of rats are selected with n=10 in each sample. The first sample receives the drug every day. The second sample is given the drug once a week, and the third sample receives no drug at all. The dependent variable is the amount of food eaten by each rat over a 1-month period. These data are analyzed by an ANOVA, and the results are reported in the following summary table. (Hint: start with the df column).

    Gather the information you have above and some of the values given below to fill out the Table. Three samples means there are three treatments. There are 10 in each sample (Total number of participants is 30). It is easier to start with the df first. You can obtain MS within treatments using the relationship between the F and MS bet and MS within.

    Source SS df MS
    Between treatments ___ ___ 15 F=7.50
    Within treatments ___ ___ ___
    Total ___ ___

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