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Business Problem Null Hypothesis

I need help writing a Business Problem Proposal using a null hypothesis. Here are sample business problems:

* Talk about the effect of no smoking laws on the tobacco industry. Will the trend in no smoking laws affect cigarette sales? You can develop a null from that.

* Dunkin' Donuts is trying to infiltrate Starbucks' market by expanding their coffee offerings. Will they be successful? You can develop a null from that.

* Lowe's and Home Depot are competing for the same customers. What different approaches are they taking to gain an edge. There is a business problem here, from which you can develop a null hypothesis.

I think the key to this assignment is making sure that you have a clearly stated, unambiguous null hypothesis.

How do I translate a business problem into a null hypothesis?

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Null hypotheses often include things like "the average is equal to 0" or "the two companies had an equal profit" or "the proportion is equal to 0.5". For a business problem, think of something like "the sales at time X are equal to the sales at time Y" or "company A has an equal number of employees as Company B."

To start, you should think about how the business problem would be defined or tested numerically. Here are null hypotheses based on the examples you are ...