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    Hypothesis Testing

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    A company wishes to purchase one of five different machines A,B,C,D, and
    E. In an experiment to decide whether there is a difference in performance of
    the machines five experienced operators each work on the machines. The table
    below shows the number of units produced. Test the hypothesis that there is no
    difference among the machines at the(a) 0.01
    level of significance.

    machine units produced

    A 68 72 75 42 53
    B 72 52 63 55 48
    C 60 82 65 77 75
    D 48 61 57 64 50
    E 64 65 70 68 53

    This is my answer:
    A.) 0.01 level of significance:
    the calculated F value is the same.
    From the F-table, we should find the F critical value. The degrees of freedom for the numerator are the degrees of freedom for the between group (k-1) and the degrees of freedom for the denominator are the degrees of freedom for the within group (N-k).
    Then 0.99 F*(4, 20)= 4.431
    Since F^ < F*, we fail to reject H0 at 99% level of confidence, and conclude that ??????????

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