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    Packages of M&M's: Qualitative and Quantitative Null Hypotheses

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    See the attachment for data on the following questions:

    1. Purchase four packages of regular M&M's. For the first three, look for and purchase three of the 5.3 oz packages that contains about 1/4 cup and has 3.5 servings in one package. For package #4, look for and purchase the package that has 1.69 oz and one serving size. Do not purchase bags with dark chocolate or peanuts in them. Open three of the larger packages and reserve the fourth for a later test of two populations. Now count the number for each color, make a list or Excel S/S using this data for each of the four packages. Sum the total number of M&M's. Prepare a list of qualitative {color is good} and quantitative variables {total number, serving size, fat content, number per package, average, STDEV, percent per color), based upon your observations and counting of the numbers, colors, include facts from the package data, etc. Prepare one qualitative and one quantitative "Null Hypothesis" that you plan to test.

    2. Provide a guideline as to what you will do with the M&M data next week.

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