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The source of the statistics, the use of the statistics....

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The article "The Age of Discontent" could be found at http://www.robertkotlermd.com/latimes.htm

From the information that is provided in the article, identify the source of the statistic, the use of the statistic, and decide if the statistic might be misleading (and why or why not). Report the findings in 350-500 words.

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"The first wave of the massive baby boom generation has turned 50. And many boomers apparently don't like what they see in the mirror.
Cosmetic surgeries that make people look younger or thinner are enjoying a surge in popularity, in part because of vanity but also because the procedures have become more affordable. Roughly 40,000 Americans (Population Size) underwent face lifts, collagen treatments, chemical peels, eyelid lifts and other procedures in 1994, the most recent period for which statistics are available.
To be sure, the popularity of some procedures-such as breast enhancements and nose reshaping-has fallen or remained relatively stable. But those that address the extra pounds and additional wrinkles that appear with age are coming on strong.
Chemical peels---a wrinkle-erasing technique introduced only a few years ago-found 29,072 (Statistical data) takers in 1994, up 53% (Statistical data) from 1992.
The cost of an osteotomy, which involves cutting and moving a portion of your chin bone to improve your profile, is 18.4% cheaper in California than ...

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