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Testing of hypothesis on hypertension data.

Working at Company X is very stressful for any human being. Medecines Sans Frontires stepped in to see if there is any possible violations of human rights at the notorious Company X. They picked one hapless employee and have a group of 14 volunteer nurses measured his systolic blood pressure and obtained the following results in mmHg:

138 130 135 140 120 125 120 130 130 144 143 140 130 150

Assuming that in a normal society the population standard deviation is known to be 10 mmHg, use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the mean blood pressure level is less than 140 mmHg. Hypertension is defined to be a blood pressure level that is too high when it is 140 mmHg or greater. Based on the hypothesis test result, can it be safely concluded that the hapless employee does not have hypertension? You are in a position to determine if Company X will have to appear in court at The Hague!

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The solution gives the complete steps for conducting one sample student t test on hypertension data. Null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, critical value, test statistic and P value are given.