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    Statistics Sampling Strategy

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    1. Create a real-life research question or topic of your choosing. This question may be something that you work with in your career, see on a daily basis, come from a hobby, etc. The answers to the question (your data) should be quantitative (numerical).


    The United States is experiencing high death rate due to cancer. The important factor for cancer is cigarettes. Nowadays, Cigarettes are smoked by even children. This interests us to know which of the states in U.S. are buying more cigarettes and to know on an average what would be the sales of cigarettes in total United States.
    The data set is shown in Excel Sheet for your reference.

    2. Choose a legitimate sampling strategy and collect at least 30 data points using your created question or topic. Discuss the sampling strategy in sufficient detail so that someone else could repeat your data collection without any difficulties or questions.


    To know about the cigarette sales, the data has been collected in every state of United States. In every state 30 shops has been selected and the sales of cigarettes per capita is collected. And average per capital sales for these 30 shops was found.

    Sampling Strategy:

    The sampling strategy here followed is Simple Random Sampling. In every state 30 shops are selected and per capita sales of cigarettes are collected. The data set is given in Excel Sheet.

    The aim of the study is clear that most of the states in U.S. lie in which of the interval. A histogram will reveal the fact about the above. A histogram is given below for the data in Excel Sheet.

    3. Prepare a histogram of your data.

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