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    Find mean and construct frequency histogram

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    How do I find the mean and median for the following:

    Adair vineyard is a 10 acre vineyard. Since they are small and considering expansion they are curious how their size compares to that of other vineyards. The histogram shows 36 wineries.

    The size (acres) are broken into 30 acres sections.

    Please show how:

    There are 15 vineyards in the 0-29 acre range
    There are 13 vineyards in the 30-59 acre range
    There are 4 vinyards in the 60-89 acre range
    There is 1 vinyard in the 90-119 acre range
    There is 1 vineyard in the 120-149 acre range
    There is 1 vineyard in the 150-179 acre range
    There is 1 vineyard in the 240-269 acre range

    The attached image file has the histogram.

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