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Webster Mail Order Company - Histogram

The Webster Mail Order company sells expensive stereos by mail. The following table lists the frequency distribution of the number of orders received per day by this company during the past 100 days.

# of orders received per day: 2 3 4 5 6
Number of days: 12 21 34 19 14

a. Construct a probability distribution table for the number of orders received per day.

b. Graph the probability distribution using a relative frequency histogram.

c. Is the probabilities listed in the table of part a. exact or approximate probabilities for the number of orders received per day? Explain.

d. Let X = the number of orders received on any given day. Find the following probabilities:
i. of receiving exactly three orders.
ii. Of receiving at least three orders.
iii. Of receiving between two and five orders.
iiii. Of receiving at most four orders.

e. Find the mean, variance and standard deviation for the probability distribution. Give a brief interpretation of the values of the mean and standard deviation.

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