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    Basic statistics and histogram in Excel

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    Excel: All problem sets and answers must be in Excel.

    #1: Prepare answers to the following: The annual incomes of five vice-presidents of TRW Inc. are: $125,000, $128,000, $122,000, $133,000, and $142,000. Consider that is the entire population and compute:
    a. Range,
    b. The arithmetic mean income and the median income,
    c. What is the population variance? The Standard Deviation {STDEV}?
    d. Compute and compare the sample variance with the population variance and discuss the differences.

    #2: Prepare answers to the following: Consider a telephone company issue regarding a new exchange adding a 537 to an existing area in Phoenix AZ. There are seven digits possible in the 537 numbers with the exchange being represented by the 537. How many different possible numbers are there going to be for this new exchange?

    Hint: This is about the combinations for 537-xxxx where the xxxx's are changing.

    #3: (Exercise 6.3) On the midnight shift, the number of patients with head trauma in an emergency room has the
    probability distribution shown below. (a) Calculate the mean and standard deviation. (b) Describe
    the shape of this distribution.

    x 0 1 2 3 4 5 Total
    P(x) .05 .30 .25 .20 .15 .05 1.00

    Chapter 6: Prepare answers to exercise 6.3 and submit detailed part (a) answers using Excel to compute the mean and STDEV of P(x) and complete part (b) discussions.

    Discuss the steps you would take to plot P(x) in Excel; then plot P(x) vs x.

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