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Statistics and Frequency Distributions


Refer to the real estate excel data set at :

A. Organize the data on the number of bedrooms into a frequency distribution.
1. What is the typical number of bedroom?
2. What are the the fewest and the most number of bedrooms offered in the market?

B. Select an approriate class interval and organize the selling prices into a frequency distribution.
1. Around what valued do the data tend to cluster?
2. What is the largest selling price? and the smallest selling price?

C. Draw a cumulative frequency distribution based on the the frequency distribution developed in part B.

1. How many homes sold for less than $200,000?
2. Estimate the percent of the homes that sold for more than $220,000
3. What percent of the homes sold for less than $125, 000?

D. Write a report summarizing the selling prce of the homes.


Refer to the wage excel data set at

Refer to the set which includes annual wages for a sample of 100 workers, variables relating to the industry, education, gender workerss, etc are included.

A. Draw a bar chart of the variable occupation and make a summary of the findings