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Fisher's Exact Test

See attached file.

Need help to make a simple Fisher's exact test chart/analysis.

Need Fisher's exact test for this problem:

SAMPLE: 32 people interviewed. People could put either 1 or 2 dimensions.
Participants are in two groups, based by age:
18 of them are from the ages of 18-29- I will call these group A
14 of them are from the ages of 30-60 â?" I will call these group B

During the time you were participating in the Daily Inventory survey:

Question 1) Which dimension(s), if any, affected you?

(Sample Answers total, followed by total group A, and then total group B)
Group A Group B
Relational (14) 9 5
Spiritual (12) 8 4
Emotional-Personal (5) 3 2
Behavioral (7) 4 3
Physical (2) 0 2

(charts here)
- one chart for total (both age groups);
one chart for Group A,
another chart for Group B.

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