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    Transportation and Assignment Models

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    Don Levine Corporation is considering adding an additional plant to its three existing facilities in Decatur, Minneapolis, and Carbondale. Both St. Louis and East St.Louis are being considered.

    From Existing Plants

    O Decatus Minneapolis Carbondale Demand

    Blue Earh $20 $17 $21 250
    Ciro 25 27 20 200
    Des Moines 22 25 22 350
    Capacity 300 200 150

    From Proposed Plants
    To East St. Louis St.Louis
    Blue Earth $29 $27
    Ciro 30 28
    Des Moines 30 31
    Capacity 150 150

    A. Is this a minimization or maximizaion problem? Explain

    B. What would the total transportation cost be if the East St. Lous plant were opened?

    C. What would the total transportation cost be if the proposed plant in St. Louis were opened?

    D. Which plant would you advise Levin Corp. to open and why?

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