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    Statistical Height Analysis

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    To answer this question you will need the set of height data.

    Ensure that you explain throughout how you have conducted calculations and have analysed the data.


    i. Identify and delete any unreasonable data.

    ii. Use spreadsheet software to plot a frequency chart and to calculate the mean and standard deviation from the sitting height data located on the module website.

    iii. Briefly comment on the shape of the frequency distribution, bearing in mind the population size used.

    iv. Include a copy of your chart as part of your answer, together with brief commentary on how you performed the task and your reasons for identifying any data as 'unreasonable' above.

    b. You are asked to ensure that there is sufficient clearance for 95% of the population to sit upright in a vehicle. For the population considered in part (a) determine the sitting height that this corresponds to.

    c. If the specification above were to six sigma instead of the 95 percentile, calculate the sitting height that this would correspond to.

    d. Discuss in about 100 words whether your answer in part (c) is reasonable or not in the context of family car design.

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