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Simplified application of Descriptive Statistics and analysi

I am looking for the best simplified method for applying "Descriptive Statistics" to analysis of these 3 types of questions. This is not a statistics class but a portion of an assigned graduate level assignment. I need to determine the best statistical method to use and recommendations for graphing which will be inserted into the assignment.

I'm not requesting that you do this for me but only recommendations on the type of statistical analysis to run and how it can best be graphically displayed.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere existing in your organization for open and free exchange of information and ideas?
1-Poor, 2-Fair, 3-Average, 4-Good, 5-Excellent (select one)


Please rank these job goals in the order of importance to you. (#1 first choice, #2 second choice, and so on to #8.)

Satisfying my boss's expectations
Prestige and status
Job security
Opportunity for independent thought and action
Higher salary, more benefits, or both
Recognition for good performance
Promotion to a better job
Personal growth and development

THIRD: (rank each from 1-disagree to 5-agree)

My pay is based on my performance.
I got my promotion because I deserved it.
I am unhappy with my job.
The anxiety level of my manager is high.
My fringe benefits are poor.
My morale is low.
Management listens to my suggestions.
I am free to make improvements on the job.
Management fully utilizes my capabilities.
I am recognized for good work.
The company/organization is interested in my welfare.
Two-way communication with superiors is present.
My supervisor cares about my personal needs.
I follow the accepted standards of conduct at work.

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