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Kick-Start Speech Management

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The CEO of your company expresses concern to the VP of Marketing that the sample chosen for the survey in which all the transactions were taken during a single shift of one employee is an inadequate basis for making decisions about a marketing plan.

The VP of Marketing wants you to discuss your view on it during a monthly meeting of the senior management.

Your first action to kick-start a discussion is to give a three-minute speech to your management colleagues on the adequacy of the sample. You need to provide to the VP your recommendations on the actions to be taken if you reach the conclusion that the sample is inadequate.

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A sample size of a set of transactions from a single shift of work for one employee is wholly inadequate to make any valid decisions regarding developing and implementing a cost-effective marketing plan for the following reasons:
!) One employee's work may or may not be a sample representative of the whole. There is only one way to determine whether or not it is would be to evaluate the transactions ...

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