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    Bryson Foods

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    Bryson Foods produces two types of turkey cutlets for sale to fast food restaurants. Each type of cutlet consists of white meat and dark meat. Cutlet 1 sells for $7 per pound and must consist of at least 70% white meat. Cutlet 2 sells for $5 per pound and must contain at least as much white meat as dark meat. Based on past demand patterns and forecasts for future demand, Bryson feels that it can sell no more than 3500 pounds of cutlet 1 and 2500 pounds of cutlet 2 per month.

    The two types of turkey used to produce the cutlets are purchased from Bates Turkey Farm in Fort Deposit, Alabama. Each Grade A turkey costs $10 and yields 5 pounds of white meat and 2 pounds of dark meat. Each Grade B turkey costs $7.50 and yields 3 pounds of white meat and 3 pounds of dark meat.

    The objective is to maximize Bryson's profits.

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