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Statistics - Correlation Coefficient - Scatter Diagram

Bi-lo Appliance Super Store has stores in several metropolitan areas of New England. The sale general manager planning to deliver a digital camera commercial for a local television station before a sale that begins Saturday and ends on Sunday. Plans to obtain information for the sales of the digital camera during the Saturday and Sunday at various stores and compared with the number of times the ad was broadcast on television stations. The purpose is to determine whether there is any relationship between the number of times the ad was broadcast and the sales of digital cameras. The pairs are:

Location of # of Transmissions Saturday-Sunday Sales
televisions (thousands of dollars)

Providence 4 15
Springfield 2 8
New Haven 5 21
Boston 6 24
Hartford 3 17

1) What is the dependent variable?
2) Draw a scatter diagram?
c) Determine the correlation coefficient.
d) Set the coefficient of determination.
e) Interpret these statistical measures

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