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    Scatterplots Correlation for Data Analysis

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    Use the following situation to answer questions 14 to 18 below:
    A meteorologist wants to see if there is a relationship between the number of toronados that occur each year and the number of deaths attributed to the tornadoes. The data are shown for 10 recent years. The number of tornados is represented by x, and the number of deaths is represented by y.

    14. Produce a scatterplot of this paired data at the right.

    15. Determine the sample's correlation coefficient r and the coefficient of determination r2. Then determine if the correlation in these two variables is significant. (Determination of significant/not significant correlation needs to be explained).

    16. Which of the following best describes the correlation that is demonstrated by the scatterplot (Choose the one best answer.)

    A. No Correlation
    B. Strong Positive Correlation
    C. Moderate Positive Correlation
    D. Moderate Negative Correlation

    17. Determine and state the equation of the line-of-best-fit (trend line), the slope of this line, and explain what the slope means in the context of this problem.

    18. According to our linear regression model, what is the predicted number of deaths if 1300 tornados occur in a year?

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