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    Pearson Correlation Using SPSS

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    An investigator obtains scores for a person's age in years and their score on a measure of memory function. Higher scores on the memory task reflect better memories. The investigator has predicted that the two variables will be significantly correlated.

    Age Memory
    ----- ----------
    23 16
    45 18
    18 21
    61 9
    56 12
    79 9
    41 15
    33 10
    67 8
    30 14

    a. What is the correlation between the two variables?
    b. Please provide a scatterplot of the relationship between the two variables.
    c. Please test the significance of the correlation coefficient. Be sure to include both the
    null and alternative hypotheses, your decision rule for deciding whether or not to
    reject the null hypothesis, and your conclusion.
    d. What can the investigator say about the relationship between age and memory?

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