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    Correlation Analyses

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    For this case, we would like to investigate the impact of conflict on the quality of work. Research considers there to be two primary types of conflict (1) relationship conflict, (2) task conflict. Relationship conflict is the conflict that occurs between members of the group. This may invoke strong feelings of anger and frustration when dealing with individuals. Task conflict on the other hand looks at the innate ability to solve the task itself. A high task conflict implies an individual may or may not have the necessary skills to accomplish the task. Quality is measured by three variables- pride, ability to check work, and meeting expectations.


    Produce a two page paper in APA format that answers the following:

    What is the strength of the correlations between the variables?
    What measure of quality is impacted most by relationship conflict? Task Conflict?
    What is the significance of the correlations?
    How might you improve quality in the workplace?
    In answering these questions, please include necessary tables, figures, and text. Please remember, to focus on conveying the meaning of the data to the audience.

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