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1. Which is the weakest correlation?
a. +0.76
b. +0.21
c. -0.01
d. -0.88

2. What would a correlation of .35 would be called?
a. Moderate
b. Weak
c. Very Strong
d. Very Weak

3. Which correlation coefficient indicates the strongest relationship?
a. 0.00
b. +0.50
c. -0.70
d. +0.60

4. Which of the following shows an example of how a correlation coefficient may be written?
a. RXRY=0.45
b. rXY=0.26
c. XYCc=0.67
d. rxy=0.53

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1.  Which is the weakest correlation?
    a.  +0.76
    b.  +0.21
    c.  -0.01
    d.  -0.88

Answer:     c.  -0.01

Strength of correlation is indicated by coefficient of determination;
Coefficient of determination is the square of coefficient of correlation
Coefficient of correlation Coefficient of determination
0.76 0.5776
0.21 0.0441
-0.01 0.0001
-0.88 0.7744

The weakest correlation ...

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