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Best Restaurants in the US: 5-Number Summary, Boxplots, and Correlation Coefficients

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A study conducted by Zagat Survey concluded that many first-rate restaurants are located in hotels across the United States. Travellers can find quality food, service, and décor without leaving their hotels. The top-rated hotel restaurant is The French Room, located in The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The estimated price for dinner, including one drink and tip, at The French Room is $80. The highest price reported is $179 at Alain Ducasse, located in the Jumeirah Essex House in New York City. The attached file (Best Rest) contains the top 100 hotel restaurants in the United States and the variables state, city, restaurant, hotel, cost (estimated price of dinner including one drink and tip), and rating (1 to 100, with 1 the top-rated restaurant).

A) Construct the five-number summary of dinner price.
B) Construct a boxplot of dinner price and interpret the distribution of dinner prices.
C) Calculate and interpret the correlation coefficient of the rating and dinner price.

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The best restaurants in the United States fare examined.

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