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    hypothesis about the length of words in newspapers

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    Context: It would normally follow on from work on setting up and testing hypotheses, and statistical analysis.

    Question: Suresh is comparing magazines and newspapers.
    He chooses a passage from one newspaper and one magazine. They each contain 100 words and he counts the lengths of all the words.

    now this is what you have to do once you have read the text above.
    1. Write a hypothesis about the length of words in newspapers and magazines,
    2.Design and carry out an investigation to test your hypothesis.

    When Doing this question make sure your look at these three things it is what needs you need to keep in mind when Answering the question, 1. Specify the problem and plan. 2.Collect Process and represent data. 3.interpret and discuss results.

    You can do a scatter graph and draw a line of best fit or You determine the Modal class+ estimate the Mean, median, and range of a set of grouped data, selecting the statistic most appropriate to your line of inquiry or frequency graphs as long as it works. You might need to attach some of it so i can download it for Instance if you have done any graphs to show your working.

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    1. Null Hypothesis : That the mean Number of letters in a word in a newspaper articles is equal to the mean Number of letters in a word in a magazine. i.e the difference between the mean number of letters for each word is equal to 0.
    <br>Alternative Hypothesis : That it is greater than or lesser that Zero.
    <br>Step 1: Generate a set of 100 different samples for each category ( Newspaper and Magazine). ...

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    The hypothesis about the length of the words in newspapers are found. The investigation to test the hypothesis is developed.