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    Confidence interval for flight departure on time

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    I would like to have the response to this question in excel format so that I can see the formulas used.

    Arrivals 2011. Will your flight get you to your destination on time? The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics publishes information about airline performance. Here is the summary statistics for the percentage of flights departing on time each month from 1995 through September of 2011.

    n 201
    y 80.752
    s 4.594

    There is no evidence of a trend over time. (The correlation of On Time Departure % with time is r = -0.016.)

    a. Find 90% confidence interval for the true percentage of flights that depart on time

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    As r = -0.016: no correlation, i.e., On TIme Departure is not biased with time, and can be assumed to be random normal distributed. ...

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    An estimation of confidence interval for percentage of flight on-time departure.