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Statistical Process Control applied to data on feeding a dog

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I need data for 4 weeks. The statistical process control process is feeding a dog. This is a process I do but must spend less time doing based on Statistical Control is a method to help you know when your process is out of control. I must make up data for Week One ending on June 22. Week 2 ending on June 29. Week 3 ending on July 6th. Week 4 ending on July 13th. Using the numbers for the week 1)Explain the control limits the calculation and data. 2)Any seasonal factors than can affect the performance data for the above weeks. 4) Explain the confidence intervals and its usefullness based on the number of data points.

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Solution includes a verbose description and Excel spreadsheet that displays a control chart for the data.

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I am very familiar with SPC as it is part of my day-to-day job and have attached an example that should be close enough to your posted problem to help you. It is a useful skill that applies to a lot of real-world situations, so it is great that you are learning it.

Basically with SPC you do a time-based chart of measurements. The measurements themselves may be one thing or group of things measured every hour, every minute, as appropriate. I am assuming, for sake of argument, that the in the process of feeding your dog your dog is fed 3 times daily and measure the amount of food fed to the dog every mid-day for four weeks. (There are many other things you could measure and how you could do it, for instance, you could measure the average diameter of three kibbles every morning for a month, ...

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