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Chebyshev Interval and Coefficient of Variation

X: 11 0 36 21 31 23 24 -11 -11 -21
y: 10 -2 29 14 22 18 14 -2 -3 -10
a) Compute Ex, Ex^2, Ey, Ey^2
b) Find mean, variance, standard deviation.
c) Compute 75% chebyshev interval around the mean of x and y values. Use the intervals to compare two funds.
d) Compute the coefficient of variation of each fund. If s represents risks and the x(mean) represents expected return, then sx can be the measure of risk per unit of expected return. Why is the smaller cv better?

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Knowing the mean and the standard deviation Chebyshev's interval and coefficient of variation have been computed.