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Statistics: Measures of central tendency - constructing confidence interval

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1.Given the data set

Values of X


A. Calculate the mean.
B. Calculate the median.
C. Calculate the mode.
D. Calculate the range.
E. Calculate the variance.
F. Calculate the coefficient of variation
G. Calculate the coefficient of variation.
H. Calculate the standard error of the mean.
I. Construct a 95% confidence interval.

2. Given the following data, construct a 95 percent confidence interval:
statistic: (X with line over it), S, n, a
Value:113, 15,9,.05

3. Given the following data, construct a 90 percent confidence intreval

Statistic: (X with line over it), S, n, a
Value: 100,10,16, .10

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Given the following data, construct a 95 and 90 percent confidence interval.

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