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Rank correlation and chi square

For many years TV executives used the guideline that 30 percent of the audience were watching each of the prime-time networks and 10 percent were watching cable stations on a weekday night. A random sample of 500 viewers in the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, area last Monday night showed that 165 homes were tuned in to the ABC affiliate, 140 to the CBS affiliate, 125 to the NBC affiliate, and the remainder were viewing a cable station. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that the guideline is still reasonable?

Two hundred managers from various levels were randomly selected and interviewed regarding their concern about environmental issues. The response of each person was tallied into one of three categories: no concern, some concern, and great concern. The results were:
Level of Management No Concern Some Concern Great Concern
Top management 15 13 12
Middle management 20 19 21
Supervisor 7 7 6
Group leader 28 21 31
Use the .01 significance level to determine whether there is a relationship between management level and environmental concern.

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Chi-square statistic is calculated to check if the all the channels have same viewership.