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    Chi-square Test of Goodness of Fit & Association

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    13. John Isaac, Inc., a designer and installer of industrial signs, employs 60 people. The company recorded the type of the most recent visit to a doctor by each employee. A national assessment conducted in 2008 found that 53 percent of all physician visits were to primary care physicians, 19 percent to medical specialists, 17 percent to surgical specialists and 11 percent to emergency departments. Test at the 0.01 significance level if Isaac employees differ significantly from the survey distribution. Here are their results:

    Visit Type Number of Visits
    Primary care 29
    Medical specialist 11
    Surgical specialist 16
    Emergency 4
    25. A survey by USA today investigated the public's attitude toward the federal deficit. Each sampled citizen was classified as to whether they felt the government should reduce the deficit, increase the deficit, or if they had no opinion. The sample result of the study by gender are reported below.
    Gender reduce the deficit Increase the deficit no opinion
    Male 244 194 68
    Female 305 114 25
    At the .05 significance level, is it reasonable to conclude that gender is independent of a person's position on the deficit?
    27. The claims department at Wise Insurance Company believe that younger drivers have more accidents and, therefore, should be charged higher insurance rates. Investigating a sample of 1200 wise policyholders revealed the following breakdown on whether a claim had been filed in the last three years and the age of the policyholder. Is it reasonable to conclude that there is a relationship between the age of the policyholder and whether or not the person filed a claim? Use a .05 significance level.
    Age group No claim Claim
    16 up to 25 170 74
    25 up to 40 240 58
    40 up to 55 400 44
    55 or older 190 24
    Total 1000 200

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