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    Chi-square tests: independence of variables, goodness of fit

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    5) Chi-square test for independence of variables and goodness of fit
    a) 1024 car drivers were classified according to gender and use of seat belts. The results are tabulated below:

    MALE 192 272
    FEMALE 284 276

    Does the data suggest an association between gender and seat belt usage?

    b) A researcher wishes to determine if a particular breed of pig is equally likely to produce a male of female piglet. 106 litters of pig of this breed, each containing 8 piglets, were classified according to the number of male piglets in the litters. The results are tabulated below:

    NUMBER OF MALE PIGLETS 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    FREQUENCY 0 5 9 22 25 26 14 4 1

    From this data, does it appear that the sexes are equally probable?

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    Chi-square tests for independence of variables and goodness of fit have been performed.